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SINdie: Interview with Aloysius Lee, director of Home-made1 min read

29 July 2015 < 1 min read


SINdie: Interview with Aloysius Lee, director of Home-made1 min read

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Home-made was awarded Overall Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Sound Design for the student category of ciNE65 Short Film Competition Season Three. We speak to director Aloysius Lee to find out more about what went behind the shoot.

How did you conceive the idea for Home-made?

The idea of Home-made was conceived over a simple meal. We were discussing how much food meant to Singapore and how vibrant our food culture is. Our vision for the film was to put Singapore on the world map – almost literally. That’s how the concept of putting a simple local dish in an international cooking competition came about. We hope that by watching Home-made, viewers will remember the taste of home and it will bring back any personal memories of home cooked meals that they have had in the past.

What was the length of time you took to write, film and produce Home-made?

Pre-production took us three weeks. During which, we sourced for our cast and location. We also had to make several revisions to the script (which is in essence a monologue) in order to make it as relate-able to the audience as possible. As we are all recent graduates, we did not have a big budget to produce this film. Therefore, finding things like cast and location was tough as everything had to be kept extremely low-cost.

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