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Film School, for Profit or Not1 min read

28 July 2015 < 1 min read


Film School, for Profit or Not1 min read

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For a university dedicated to flashy disciplines like film and music recording, Full Sail at first glance has a rather unflashy campus. To find it, you drive north from the Orlando airport to Winter Park on one of those tedious Florida streets lined with telephone poles, drainage ditches and chain restaurants. Eventually you reach a Wendy’s and a Ker’s WingHouse. Behind them sits Full Sail.

Yes, that crescent-shaped structure is a defunct mini-mall. Full Sail expanded into it, gutting the inside. Outside, it still looks like, well, a defunct mini-mall, but its technological facilities would make many traditional film schools drool.

And then there’s The Truck, an 18-wheeler tricked out with brushed stainless steel, purple mood lighting and interactive exhibits – a “mobile experience” lab that travels to and recruits from military bases and high schools. Inside the semitrailer, which is painted to resemble a galaxy of stars (the space kind, not the people kind), potential pupils can play student-made video games, watch student film clips and even give audio engineering a whirl.

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