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The DA-Zed Guide to Cult Female Filmmakers2 min read

2 July 2015 2 min read


The DA-Zed Guide to Cult Female Filmmakers2 min read

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Having spent my entire life obsessively consuming movies (including that one post-college year I lived in the back of my parent’s house and watched 1,117 new-to-me films), I realised a few years back that although I’d seen quite a few films directed by women, I hadn’t really sought them out. This thought came about around the same time I started to really get sick of all the men in movies (I swear I’m not misandrist. Well, most of the time.) So I decided to start writing about one film a week directed by women. This eventually evolved into the idea of spending an entire year watching nothing but films directed by women. I’m almost six months into “A Year With Women“, and it has been just as refreshing and educational as I could have hoped. But this isn’t just about me and my love of films, I want this project to help others discover films by women as well. As Dazed announces its Female Firsts director’s initiative, we run through an ABCs of films by 26 different women, all of which are worth your time. Think of this as a jumping off point in your own journey with women directors, past and present.


Writer-director-actress Desiree Akhavan‘s debut feature Appropriate Behavior is like Annie Hall, if Woody Allen were a bisexual Persian-American woman. In the film Akhavan plays Shirin, a twenty-something Brooklynite who’s going through a break up from hell. We see her relationship with ex, Maxine (Rebecca Henderson), in flashbacks, which run concurrently with her grieving process ““ which includes a new lingerie, a Craigslist hook-up and a three-way. Add in millennial job search angst and very traditional parents who don’t quite know their daughter’s sexual orientation and what you’ve got is a delightful take on the post-college life crisis film.

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