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Presenting Instamic, the GoPro of microphones1 min read

18 June 2015 < 1 min read


Presenting Instamic, the GoPro of microphones1 min read

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Instamic is a ultra portable audio recording device that will open up a whole exciting way to capture sound. Stick the splash/water proof Instamic go/pro to a sportsperson, vehicle, or pet and record sound in a way that hasn’t even been thought of before.

For video is how we look, but audio is how we feel; there are lots of possibilities on how the Instamic can be used or delployed. Journalists, bloggers, sound designers and anyone who works with audio will simply want to capture the sounds of our world.

Will this product change the way we record sound like how the GoPro revolutionised the way we shot videos? We’ll know in time to come.

Read more about Instamic here >>>

Image Credit: Instamic – IndieGoGo

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