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Leading Lights: Interview with Yuni Hadi1 min read

4 June 2015 < 1 min read


Leading Lights: Interview with Yuni Hadi1 min read

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An advocate of Singapore-made films, Yuni has created various platforms to showcase the work of local independent emerging filmmakers. This 38-year-old multi-hyphenate is not only director of Objectifs Centre for Photography & Film and executive director of the Singapore International Film Festival, she also sits on the board of The Substation, has authored a book about Singapore filmmakers, and co-produced the globally acclaimed film Ilo Ilo. Her wealth of experience made her a natural choice as a member of the short film jury panel at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. Married to a Thai filmmaker Aditya Assarat and a mother of one, she earned the Honorary Award at the Singapore Short Film Awards 2015.

What are you busy with now?
Objectifs Centre is 12 years this year and we are moving to the former Sculpture Square arts housing on Middle Road in June so we’re in the midst of renovations for our new Gallery and film screening space which will be a connecting centre for contemporary photography and filmmaking in Singapore. I’m also working on the 26th edition of the Singapore International Film Festival. I hope to create something fresh, smart, and that will engage audiences with its relevance to world issues.

What would you consider your greatest achievement so far?
Objectifs was the first to distribute Singapore and Southeast Asian short films and documentaries in 2006. We believed in something and invested in it. It was also amazing to be a part of Ilo Ilo (directed by Anthony Chen) and to see it become the first Singapore film to win major awards at Cannes and Golden Horse.

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