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Hi-Story, My Story Filmmaking Competition1 min read

8 May 2012 < 1 min read


Hi-Story, My Story Filmmaking Competition1 min read

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This competition seeks to engage students in the collection, sharing and interpretation of Singapore’s history through the use of filmmaking as storytelling and documentation tool. Through such a competition, students will learn more about Singapore’s history and be inspired to document and share “neighbourhood” stories and personal voices through such a creative platform and a film project that they can call their own. Students will also stand to win attractive cash prizes, in addition to being able to sign up for our special one-day Filmmaking Workshops to learn more about filmmaking techniques and skills.

Closing date for Competition Registration: 12th May 2012
Filmmaking workshops: Any one day from 4th to 9th June 2012 (full day)
Deadline for submission of competition entries: 13th July 2012

For information go to their website:

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