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This Buddhist Film Festival1 min read

10 February 2012 < 1 min read


This Buddhist Film Festival1 min read

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This Open Call invites film submissions worldwide for the Thus Have I Seen
Buddhist Film Festival 2012 (THIS BFF).
THIS BFF aims to promote awareness of the Buddha’s timeless Teachings
and the diversity of Buddhist cultures around the world through the use of film,
a contemporary medium. THIS BFF seeks films that, through good
storytelling and production values,
ï‚· Contemplate on the Buddhist philosophy and way of life;
ï‚· Introduce the immense cultural diversity of a 2,500 year-old religion
that has grown from being a missionary order in ancient India to
become a global religion today.
Films selected for showcase in the week – long festival will be a mix of invited
works curated by the Organiser and works selected from the Open Call.
THIS BFF is non-competitive and no prizes or awards will be presented. Films
may be in any language. However, non-English dialogue films must be
subtitled in English. We accept screening formats on 35mm, Digital Beta and
Betacam SP.
THIS BFF welcomes relevant films from any period.

Download the submission form here.

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