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Screen Gems To Remake Indonesian Festival Hit “˜The Raid’1 min read

22 September 2011 < 1 min read


Screen Gems To Remake Indonesian Festival Hit “˜The Raid’1 min read

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Now, while films like Shame and A Dangerous Method really tore up the fall festival circuit this year, one genre picture played as one of the biggest surprises this year. And now, it’s about to get remade.

THR is reporting that Screen Gems will remake the Toronto International Film Festival 2011 Midnight Madness award winner, The Raid.

The film follows the story of a SWAT team that tries to make its way through a building ran by a mobster and a collection of dealers, thugs, and even the occasional martial arts master.

Sony has the North American rights to the original Indonesian feature, which is looking to hit the states here soon, particularly after playing like gangbusters on the festival circuit. I haven’t seen the film, but haven’t heard anything but insanely positive buzz for the film, so a remake shouldn’t be shocking. My hopes aren’t high, but hey, at this point, nothing is a shock when it comes to Hollywood and their love of remakes.


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