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Detective Dee Doesn’t Disappoint Martial Arts Fans

5 September 2011


Detective Dee Doesn’t Disappoint Martial Arts Fans

Director Hark Tsui continues to please his fans with action-packed mystery martial arts movies based on his interpretations of Chinese history.

In his latest movie, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame,” Tsui tells the story of 7th century Detective Dee, who he called “a very important character in Chinese history” when he spoke with The Epoch Times via phone on Friday, Aug. 26, from Hong Kong.

The film is set during the time of Empress Wu Zetian, the only empress in the history of China. Detective Dee was the empress’s adversary as he ridiculed her ascension to the throne and was jailed and tortured.

Later, he was called upon to solve the mystery of officials bursting into flames days before the empress’s ascension. In the movie, the ruthless Empress Wu would repeat the slogan, “In pursuit of power, everyone is expendable.”


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