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It’s Kukunoor Movies again, for better connect

27 August 2011


It’s Kukunoor Movies again, for better connect

Filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor has rechristened his banner Kukunoor Movies from Sic Production because he feels it will help audiences connect better.

“Sic Production is the company owned by Elahe (Hiptoola) and me and we made eight films under that banner, as identification of Sic Production was a mandate. Even after repeatedly putting Sic Production in the poster, people couldn`t identify that they were my films,” Kukunoor told reporters in an interview.

“I made the first film `Hyderabad Blues` under the Kukunoor Movies banner. It seems to have a stronger connect with the people; so we thought let`s bring the name back and make it Kukunoor Movies. When people see, they at least identify whose film it is. Now it`s like nostalgia flash marketing choice,” he added.

His next, “˜Mod,’ a love story, which marks the comeback of actress Ayesha Takia on the big screen, is made under Kukunoor Movies. VJ Ranvijay plays the male lead in it.

“I had said that I would never do a love story but in this field you never say never because you never know where the story pops up from. That has enough for me to tell a love story, but in a completely different way that would be gratifying to me and my sensibilities,” said Kukunoor.


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