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Chen Kaige Cooking Up Two Films At Once ““ A Cyberdrama And A Fantasy

10 August 2011


Chen Kaige Cooking Up Two Films At Once ““ A Cyberdrama And A Fantasy

Chen Kaige, director of Life on a String, Farewell My Concubine and the internet’s favourite Heather Graham sex scene to not feature roller skates, is making a real summer of it. As well as preparing an epic fantasy film, he’s fitting in a contemporary thriller while his great big sets are being built.

First up, then, will be Wang Shi which China.Org are translating as Death On The Internet, which confuses me as it’s also the name of a Tang Dynasty general. The Tang Dynasty had a “General Death on the Internet”? Did they also have a “General Rollerskate Sex on the Internet”?

Apparently Wang Shi: explores the negative influence of the cyber world on the real world.

Which sounds precisely like something the Chinese government might want to rubber stamp. With a mission to demonise the web, it might end up being even more fantastical than the supposed fantasy film.

Said fantasy film is to be an adaptation of Baku Yumemakura”˜s Shamon Kukai novels. According to reports back in early 2010, their story details a supernatural adventure set”¦ during the Tang Dynasty..?


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