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Filipina producer’s short film homebound from Holywood

8 August 2011


Filipina producer’s short film homebound from Holywood

When Manila-born Marie Pineda moved to Los Angeles, California, in 2007, she needed detailed directions to the famed Sunset Boulevard. Today, less than five years later, as a driven young producer, she expertly weaves her way through the city to various movie studios, post-production facilities, and shooting locations.

Pineda’s Hollywood journey began when she went to LA to pursue a master’s degree at the prestigious American Film Institute. “I wanted to tell Filipino stories that were meaningful to me, but I wanted to do it in the cinematic style that inspired me when I was growing up,” Pineda explains. “So I had to go to Hollywood.”

Her short film, “Unrest” (16 minutes, 2010) was the project that gave her such an opportunity. A family drama about choosing sides during the 1986 Edsa Revolution, the movie premiered in LA to critical acclaim, and was shown in the Short Film Corner section of the Cannes International film festival in France. Last year, it won the jury award from the Stony Brook film festival in New York. Now, after completing a successful run in the festival circuit, “Unrest” is coming to Manila later this year for its local premiere.

Intriguing language

Pineda grew up in Makati. She was a little girl during the revolution. She started college at Ateneo de Manila University before heading to the United States in 2001 to take a film course at New York University. “I didn’t have any thought of pursuing film as a career”¦ I was pretty sure I was interested in business, so those were the classes I focused on,” Pineda says.


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