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Beaconsfield’s own Oliver Stone

4 August 2011


Beaconsfield’s own Oliver Stone

Beaconsfield’s Marc Wiltshire will earn his place in the spotlight, debuting his 12.5-minute film “˜My Avatar’ at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal on Aug 7.

Wiltshire has long held a passion for filmmaking and is currently studying at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in Singapore. While creating his mixed media film, he was selected to receive mentoring from prestigious Hollywood director Oliver Stone, the artistic director of the school.

“˜My Avatar’ is a film that studies the line between virtual adultery and real life adultery. Wiltshire got the idea from a newspaper article he read about a similar situation.

“I read a newspaper article about two years about a married couple who had met in Second Life – the virtual world,” he told The Chronicle. “They got married in the game and then they met and got married in real life. Over the course of their marriage at one point, the man started an affair with another avatar in Second Life.

It was sort of this mixed bag of what is considered adultery. I found it such a fascinating subject – where is the line drawn? I was inspired by that and I had to write about it.”


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