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Mother’s non-show biz address1 min read

1 July 2011 < 1 min read


Mother’s non-show biz address1 min read

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What makes Mother Lily run? Every day, Regal Films producer Lily Monteverde takes a walk or jogs around a park adjacent to her home in Greenhills, San Juan.

“For at least three hours, day or night,” she says and offers, as proof, the calluses on her feet. “But I have to keep walking,” she adds, “because of an old injury from dancing the tinikling in Dakak resort.”

Not even rain stops her from walking-she’d go round and round her vast living room “at least 200 times.” Which is quite a feat, because it’s as big as a five-star hotel’s ballroom (and also boasts of a baby grand and several crystal chandeliers).

She says the house fits her personality to a T: It’s always ready for parties and entertaining. During gatherings, the producer almost always gives in to guests’ requests for her to play the piano. Actually, she has two baby grands; a third one, an upright piano, is a gift from Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.


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Via Entertainment Inquirer

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