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“˜Animating’ Filipinos for a global market

2 June 2011


“˜Animating’ Filipinos for a global market

FILIPINO DIGITAL animators may soon be joining the global animation industry as they expand their work portfolios.

The country’s first full animated feature film “Urduja” is reminiscent of Disney classics with its charming hand-drawn style. Local animators have also released the first Filipino 3D film in theaters, “RPG Metanoia,” showing that Filipinos have the potential to create world-class animated feature films.

Despite the considerable gains, however, the local animation scene still has a long way to go due to a lack of skilled digital animators. This is partly because there are very few opportunities for Filipinos to gain the necessary skills.

Digimation UK, an animation school based in the United Kingdom, wants to change all that. In a press conference, it announced it would be offering 3D digital animation courses at reasonable prices at La Consolacion College Manila (LCCM).


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