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Leading ladies recall making Gosiengfiao’s “˜lost’ movie on women

25 May 2011


Leading ladies recall making Gosiengfiao’s “˜lost’ movie on women

Actresses Gloria Diaz and Vivian Velez have fond memories of Joey Gosiengfiao’s “lost” movie, “Babae “¦ Ngayon at Kailanman,” which was screened by the Society of Filipino Archivists for Film (Sofia) at the Cultural Center of the Philippines on May 14.

Diaz, one of the trilogy’s stars along with Velez, Chanda Romero and the late Charito Solis, wants her grown-up children to watch her 1970s movies. “They often ask me why I play second fiddle. I’ll force them to watch my old films so they will realize that I was once a lead star. It’ll be good for them.”

Diaz was a bit “scared about showing an old film to young people because they may find it baduy (corny). Unlike me “¦ I think vintage films, starring Marlene Dauden for example, are beautiful.”

Based on Nick Joaquin’s short story “May Day Eve” and scripted by Jose F. Lacaba, Diaz’s episode is “a period love story with a touch of suspense.” (Solis and Velez’s episode is based on Amador Daguio’s short story “Wedding Dance,” and Romero’s on Wilfrido Nolledo’s “Juego de Prenda.”)

“At first, I wasn’t too crazy about doing it, but Joey had this weird convincing power,” Diaz looked back. “He said his goal was to direct me.”


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