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“˜Rakenrol,’ two more indies screen in foreign film fests

10 May 2011


“˜Rakenrol,’ two more indies screen in foreign film fests

Filipino independent film director Quark Henares’ “Rakenrol” recently had its international premieres in two different countries within two days.

“Rakenrol” — a film that follows the “misadventures” within the Philippine underground rock scene of two friends and “indie-rock devotees” who formed their own band — had its world premiere at the 13th Udine Far East Film Festival (UFEFF) in Udine, Italy on May 2 (Italy time).

In an interview by the UFEFF posted on visionariotube’s Youtube account also on May 2, Henares revealed that it took him five years to finish this film. The director also said that “a lot of the movie happened in real life, believe it or not.”

“A lot of people don’t believe because it’s too good to be true,” he added. Henares then intimated that he had been afraid that “[the] Italian audiences, European audiences, wouldn’t connect with the film.”


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