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Filipino film industry’s elusive dream

9 May 2011


Filipino film industry’s elusive dream

Filipino audiences have become much more discerning today than they were in the previous decades. No wonder, our local multiplexes are teeming with foreign films, mostly from Hollywood, because they are the only moving pictures that can, so far, match what audiences look for in a film.

It has been an elusive dream of every filmmaker to see his work of art appreciated both critically and commercially since those are the most effective known parameters in considering the film’s success.

There are artists who create something new and fresh with this amazing medium without the support of big movie outfits – I’m referring to directors of independent films. Some of those became victorious in their attempt to tell a story, but generally a lot them failed to maximize the potential of this medium of entertainment.

I have an Indian friend who always teased me about the state of filmmaking in the country. Although he said Bollywood also suffers the same lack of originality and fresh ideas, Filipino filmmakers have a lot of lessons to learn either from Bollywood or just from the neighboring countries when it comes to using the right technology and the proper way of storytelling.


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