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Raiding the Set of “˜Serbuan Maut’

5 May 2011


Raiding the Set of “˜Serbuan Maut’

In a run-down building in Pasar Senen, a violent battle between police and criminals was being waged. Tall, grim-faced men in black special forces uniforms marched out of the building. Inside, the air was thick with the smell of sweat and dust, as police and criminals lay sprawled on the ground.

Of course, the men were not dead, just power-napping on crash pads between takes. They were actors and stuntmen, not actual special forces commandos or murderous criminals. But their exhaustion was real. Making a movie like “Serbuan Maut” (“The Raid”), one of the most ambitious Indonesian action movies ever attempted, means getting up before dawn to take fists to the face, fight with machetes and fall out of windows.

“Serbuan Maut” is the sophomore feature from the team behind the 2009 Indonesian martial arts movie “Merantau,” a crew headed by director Gareth Evans and up-and-coming martial arts action star Iko Uwais.

“Merantau” wowed local and international audiences alike with its brutal, complex fight choreography that showed off Indonesia’s indigenous martial art, pencak silat, in all its gracefully violent, kinetic glory. With “Serbuan Maut,” the team is looking to up the ante with even more ambitious action scenes.


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