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“˜Any Old Loser Can Find a Man Here’

17 April 2011


“˜Any Old Loser Can Find a Man Here’

In the documentary “Bachelor Mountain,” San Liangzi is a middle-age, divorced logger living in China’s snowy northeast province of Heilongjiang.

Excessive logging and toughening environmental regulations have pushed the local economy to the edge, and many of the inhabitants – especially the women – have long since moved to the city for work.

“Any old loser can find a man here,” says one of the female villagers interviewed. “Most women move to the city. They don’t want to live here in the sticks. We’d all leave if we could.”

Mr. San works occasional odd jobs, and he pines for one of the few single women in town. Wang Meizi – attractive but masculine-lives with her parents and runs an inn. Mr. San has carried a torch for her for years, but she has no interest in marriage. “We all know she’s a lesbian,” Mr. San’s friends tell him in an effort to get him to move on, but he brushes them off with a wave of his hand.

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via The Wall Street Journal

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