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An Entrepreneur’s Journey Into The Real Time Web

6 March 2011


An Entrepreneur’s Journey Into The Real Time Web

Meet Tan Siok Siok ““ Singaporean filmmaker and entrepreneur who has a deep passion for great storytelling in the age of real time web.

Siok’s journey with the rise of social media is one peppered with adventure, excitement and great inspiration.

Having recently completed three well-received screenings of her latest film, Twittamentary (documentary on microblogging service Twitter), we chat with Siok about her recent accomplishments of being an acclaimed filmmaker and founder and CEO of online video network Kinetic ONE.

Siok Siok’s personal interest in the culture and history of China led her to Beijing. She lectured at the Beijing Film Academy and completed her first independent film about the 2008 Olympics ““ Boomtown Beijing. What she least expected was to get onto social media.

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