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Four characters, 144,800 real people and one M’sia supernatural thriller2 min read

23 February 2011 2 min read


Four characters, 144,800 real people and one M’sia supernatural thriller2 min read

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Within the emotional ruffles of horror and suspense that was inspired by 144,800 real people, Malaysia’s latest supernatural thriller Dilarang Masuk disguises a probable and horrifying truth behind the people gone missing.

Beneath the entertainment, the film hinted that the figure “144,800” could be the solution to reducing the number of people who have disappeared unknowingly every year.

A collaboration between Cinetrust Pte Ltd and director Cineworks Sdn Bhd, Dilarang Masuk revolves around four friends who lost their way while trekking and chance upon an abandoned bungalow. In the house was a seemingly untouched loot worth $2.8 million, two rotting corpse and a gun. The missing gun became the turning point for their friendship as their sanity teeters on the brink, while lead actress Fatia (Shiqin Kamal) is constantly confounded by “paranoia”. Flashbacks, hallucinations of non-existent people in their midst – is this a sign of madness or truth beyond what they could handle?

Filmed within a tight schedule of 16 days, the cast and crew team numbered more than 30, including main cast Fatia (Shiqin Kamal)  and Ronnie (Azman Aizal Yusoof) with supporting casts Juli (Isma Hanum Husein) and Badrul (Munuff Isall Badrul). The film is the first movie in Malaysia to be shot entirely on Canon 5D Mark II with multiple setups of two to three cameras at any point of time, in which its affordability and photographic quality allows Chiang to achieve his desired film within such a short frame of time.

Chiang took five years to craft out the script before finalising Dilarang Masuk with Executive Producer Francis ‘kitaro’ Tan of Iceberg Design. “We cobbled together a “˜formula of sorts’ and set out to make DILARANG not just an effective production but as meaningful a film as it can be,” said Chiang.

The movie is slated for a 50 screens nationwide theatre release in Malaysia on April 7 2011.

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