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“˜I won’t leave my country for success’

10 December 2010


“˜I won’t leave my country for success’

South Korean actor Jang Dong-gun fears sounding preachy even as he explains how their film industry addresses other issues besides the political differences between North and South Korea.

Dong-gun says, “It’s actually North Korea that doesn’t have much of a film industry. Our cinema is internationally acclaimed. Many South Korean productions are more popular than Hollywood films.”

He believes that South Korea is one of the few countries where Hollywood productions don’t enjoy a dominant share of the domestic market. He attributes this partly to a government norm, which requires Korean films to be screened at least 73 days a year.

Regardless of whether the film, The Warrior’s Way, does well commercially, Dong-gun doesn’t want to quit Korean cinema and join Hollywood. “Not at all! I love my country and won’t leave it for any success,” he says.

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via Hindustan Times

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