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Korea’s untapped animation potential

9 December 2010


Korea’s untapped animation potential

Many Americans still remember the dancing purple clay animated raisins from the classic California raisin commercials of the late 1980s.

At that time, the anthropomorphic figures were a big hit on television “• so much so that California vineyards saw a boost in sales of the fruit.

Jean Poulot, a professor of Konkuk University who has lived in Korea for 10 years, described the current state of animation in Korea, where the medium is treated as a minor area of film. Calling this perception “endemic,” he said he even felt resentful toward Koreans’ “light” attitude toward the art.

Even when a Korean animated movie, “Oseam,” was announced as the Grand Prix winner at the 28th Annecy International Animation film festival, Koreans still failed to embrace the medium. “Oseam” failed to attract a large audience on its home turf, despite the praise it received overseas.

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via The Korea Herald

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