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“˜Prison and Paradise’: How terrorism affects children

5 December 2010


“˜Prison and Paradise’: How terrorism affects children

Documentary filmmaker Daniel Rudi Haryanto cited verses of Koran sura Al-Ma’un: “Do you see one who denies the judgment to come?

The activist, who has studied Islam since his teenage years, was bewildered by the terrorist bombings in Indonesia.

For our loved ones: Wives and children of the victims of the 2002 Bali bombings pray for their lost ones at Ground Zero, Kuta, Bali. JP

“Islam says that we should not repulse the orphans, but the terrorists with their bombings are actually creating orphans,” he said. His debut feature-length documentary, Prison and Paradise, tackles that particular problem.

His film, which will premiere at the 2010 Dubai Film Festival on Dec. 12, tells the story of the wives and the children of convicted terrorists and a victim of the first Bali bombing.

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via The Jakarta Post

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