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International co-productions aims for box office loot

15 November 2010


International co-productions aims for box office loot

Three international co-productions slated for late November and early December releases will aim for box office glory for the winter movie season in Korea.

The three films are “Ghost”, a remake of the 1990 Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore film “Unchained Melody”, sci-fi westerner “Warrior’s Way and the three-part anthology film “Camellia”

In “Ghost”, Korean hearthrob Song Seung-hun stars opposite Japanese actress Matsushima Nanako, and producers will be trusting in the bankability of Song, who has gained huge fanfare from the 2000 continental hit television drama “Endless Love.”

In the US co-produced sci-fi westerner “Warrior’s Way”, Jang Dong-gun plays a spin-off the archetypical lone-gunmen character in Westerns as a lone swordsmen set in the Wild West in his Hollywood debut.

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via The Korea Herald

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