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Beyond The Classroom: Hollywood Comedy: According To Emmy3 min read

15 January 2010 3 min read


Beyond The Classroom: Hollywood Comedy: According To Emmy3 min read

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What does it takes to create a hit TV show?
Ever wonder what really goes on in Hollywood casting sessions?
Would you like a rare peek into “the room” ““ the coveted writers’ room on a primetime comedy?

An insightful presentation by Emmy Award winners Kris Trexler and Judd Pillot not to be missed.

Guest speakers, Emmy Award winners Mr. Judd Pillot and Mr Kris Trexler, will talk about what it takes to produce a hit TV show, including what it’s like to be a “show runner” in Hollywood.  With over twenty years in prime time television and film, Judd and Kris will provide invaluable insights and insider information.

Judd’s run such hit shows as “COACH”, “Mad About You”, “Just Shoot Me”, “Eight Simple Rules”, “According to Jim”, and most recently, “Sherri.”  He co-wrote the soon-to-be-released comedy feature film”Crazy on the Outside” starring Tim Allen (from the long running hit TV series “Home Improvement”), and has just completed a rewrite on the new comedy feature, “The Bounty Hunter” starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, out this March.

Kris has worked with Hollywood’s top television producers and directors, having edited many genres including “In Living Color” (3 seasons – FOX), “Ellen” (3 seasons – ABC), “Titus” (2 seasons – FOX), “According to Jim” (6 seasons – ABC), and “Rita Rocks” (1 season – Lifetime). Currently Kris is teaching 2nd and 3rd year students in Ngee Ann Polytechnic about the creative and technical aspects of editing. He’ll be involved in other projects with students who will go on to produce short films.


Workshop: Fri, 22 Jan 10, 10am – 5pm
Location: Singapore Media Academy, 30 Merchant Road, Riverside Point, #04-13
Admission: $30 (public) | $10 (FSV Alumni, Students and SMA students)

In Judd’s workshop, participants will get the chance to feel what it’s like to be inside the highly regarded, highly guarded writers’ room of a hit tv show. Judd will share his methods for writing and re-writing an award-winning script. Working in a simulated “room”, the “staff” will pitch and write scenes, fix story problems, and “punch up” dialogue to make it really pop.

Each participant is required to submit a 5-6 page scene by 15 Jan 10 to


SEMINAR 1: Sat 23 Jan 10, 10am – 5pm,
SEMINAR 2: Sun 24 Jan 10, 10am – 5pm,
Location: Singapore Media Academy, 30 Merchant Road, Riverside Point, #04-13
Admission (per session): $15 (public) | $5 (FSV Alumni, Students and SMA students)

Judd, and editor Kris Trexler will team up to discuss the process of creating and producing hit television comedies.

The seminars will explore the process from inspiration, to pitching, pilot writing, casting, developing the series’ arc, breaking stories, the weekly grind, dealing with actors and studio executives, and finally, the thrill of the pick-up, and the agony of the cancellation.

Judd, a seasoned show-runner, will share his war stories of writing and producing over 300 half-hours of television. Two-time Emmy Award winner Kris Trexler will share his Hollywood studio experience as an editor. He will also give pointers on how to edit a multi-camera production and deliver a successful sitcom.

In a simulation of the editing process, Kris will demonstrate his methods for crafting scenes from rushes of an actual TV sitcom, then work with Judd as producer to refine the cut. Avid, makers of the editing software used to create the vast majority of Hollywood productions, has offered to furnish 2 copies of Avid Media Composer to be given away in lucky draws on Saturday and Sunday.

Hollywood Comedy: According to Emmy

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