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First Look: ‘881’1 min read

11 April 2007 < 1 min read


First Look: ‘881’1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Two young Seventh Month “ge tai” starlets who call themselves the Papaya Sisters journey to become one of the most popular ge tai singers in Singapore.

This is a whimsical tale of two friends, their struggle for success and the obstacles they face such as the family rejection of their occupation. A love triangle ensues between the two friends, and the fight for survival results as one of them is stricken with cancer.

Slated for an August release in Singapore. Cast includes Mindee Ong, Yeo Yann Yann, Liu Ling Ling, Qi Yi Wu, May & Choy. Presented by Zhao Wei Films. Directed by Royston Tan.

  1. Newboy

    Hi, I was wondering. Can anyone where to find all 881 hokkien songs. I miss that. Please Help. Thanks alot.

  2. sandra

    sooooooooooo nice

  3. randyang

    Watch the music videos collected here: Look out for the new website coming out soon.

  4. Kelvin

    Hi Randy I have watch this show as well. Starting i was quite disturb by the show as the show started off with Hokkein which i dont really understand. But later part of the show i was so move by the small papaya determination to sing at the getai despite having cancer. I tend to like all the song in this movie very much. Especially one by "Yi Ren Yi Ban" . Wonder can i listen to all the song in 881 movies over the internet? If can, wat the website. Thanks

  5. joyZ

    Thanks bro!

  6. randyang

    Hi guys, the soundtrack should be in all good CD shops. Apparently, has been selling like hotcakes. New stocks should in HMV this week.

  7. joyZ

    Hi Randy Where did you buy the soundtrack??? I look everywhere but cant find it

  8. yanto

    Randy Ang where did you buy the sountrack cd at ?! please tell me :P

  9. Anonymous

    i'm one of the crazy ones too... watched it twice and paid for my family to watch it too!! Its a show which you feel shy abt admitting how nice all those hokkien songs are. Ppl might assiciate it as "low-class" but folks, admit it, it is such an unique part of Singapore culture. Be proud of it instead of shying away! The last scene is exceptionally touching!!

  10. Cherie Lim

    Hey i watch 881 once yesterday n today is the second time i watch.... my friend said that i m crazy but i told them it is vrey worth watching.....

  11. Randy Ang

    Bro, there IS a soundtrack out! Listening to it now. 14 tracks + one extra track and four MVs! Go find it, very limited, very worth your every cent. Go catch 881 in the cinemas too!

  12. aHRoy

    I wonder if there will be a soundtrack for this movie. The songs are all so very nice!

  13. edseah

    Watch the show last night. I can only say its very entertaining and good. Most of the cast seems to be getai ppl and they are natural in the movie. The 2nd half of the show , I see many ppl tearing and sniffing, very gan ren.... Royston Tan, you did it again.

  14. Anonymous

    Please credit the stuff you take from other websites. Its only polite.

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