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On the Ground: Asian Festival of First Films nomination night

26 October 2006

On the Ground: Asian Festival of First Films nomination night

Yeah, well, I wasn’t supposed to announce it until after the night is through, but, well, it was so gosh darned excitin’!

Becoming Royston got nominated in three categories in the Festival of First Asian Films: Best Actor (Male), Best Cinematography and Best Screenplay. Everything happened at the Q Bar tonight (where none of the nominees had our names on the guest list, but we got in anyway).

Kinda cool. Of the 350 movies entered in this year’s competition, only 22 nominations were announced for 11 films (I could be wrong — after a while, I lost track of the number of different movies in the running), and we got into 3 categories. But there’s also some stress because our movie didn’t have explosions, gunfights or anything exciting like that in it.

Still, all cool because I got interviewed (no choice — the only other BR representative other than Best Actor) by ST Life!. Plus I got to shake Fann Wong’s hand. (But I’m still gonna wash my hands the next time I go to the toilet.) Would’ve loved to have spoken to Mira Nair (she of Salaam Bombay! fame), but she’d left by the time I got round to more schmoozing …

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