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Wanna Market Your Own Film in Singapore?1 min read

22 October 2006 < 1 min read


Wanna Market Your Own Film in Singapore?1 min read

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This isn’t new, but Tan Pin Pin’s “Singapore GaGa Tours Singapore“, published at Criticine, gives a rare behind-the-scenes peek at marketing an indie film in Singapore.

An excerpt:

If Variety, the film trade magazine were to give this work [Singapore Gaga] a prognosis, it’d be along the lines of “Charming idiosyncratic video with strong word-of-mouth potential within Singapore but in the absence of a big marketing budget, may take time for news of it to percolate to its intended audience. Its length of 55 minutes may prevent it from being widely released but it has potential on TV. … There was no precedent I could follow because nothing like this had ever screened widely in Singapore.

Read the full article here.

(Link via Notes from Serangoon Road.)

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