Sinema Showoff!

Sinema Showoff! is a curated film programme that showoffs some good short films and music videos produced in Singapore.

For 2011, Sinema Showoff! will be a monthly ‘themed’ screening event held on the last Tuesday of every month.  The commencement date of the 2011 season is to be confirmed, as the curatorial staff are taking a short break.

The programme is hosted by Sinema Old School and curated by acad staff and students from Singapore Polytechnic, School of Architecture and the Built Environment (Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management).

If you are interested in submitting a film to the Sinema Showoff! programme, the following FAQ is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my film be?

Less than 30 minutes but we would recommend 15 minutes or less, as short films of such length tend to engage the audience more effectively, and they also facilitate programming, allowing us to showcase multiple films of the same genre/subject in one screening.

What submission format should I send my film in?

To submit for consideration for selection, you may send your film to us in DVD.

Once selected for screening, embracing the technology of digital cinema, we prefer the screening version of the selected films to be submitted in digital formats, in the following specifications:

  • Apple Quicktime MOV
  • 16 x 9 picture format whenever possible
  • Progressive mode; NOT interlaced
  • 720p for High Definition
  • ProRes 422 HQ or DVCPRO HD codec

What documents / info do I have to submit together with my film?

An info sheet on your film, which has to include Title, Running Time, Language, Synopsis, Genre, MDA rating (if any), Director’s bio, and previous local or international screenings.

Who do I submit my film to?

For consideration, please submit a preview DVD to:

Ramasamy Rajesree
Guest Curator, Sinema Showoff!
c/o Singapore Polytechnic
School of Architecture & the Built Environment
500 Dover Road
Singapore 139651

After selection, please submit your digital file to:

Sueanne Teo
Sinema Showoff!
11B Mount Sophia
Old School
Singapore 228466

What if I don’t have a rating for my film? Does it have to be rated to be screened?

Yes all films have the be rated or we can’t screen them.

Even if it’s R21?

Yes. We have the license to screen up to R21 films.

How do I obtain rating for my film?

Head over to MDA Online Services, scroll to the bottom and click on Submission of Master Videos (‘A’).

Alternatively, Sinema can do it on your behalf, but there will be an additional admin fee of $42.80 (excluding the MDA rating fee). Prices are inclusive of GST.  To find out how we can help you here, head on over to our Film Classifications Page.

How much will it cost to get my film rated?

MDA’s charges are $10.70 per half hour block, and $0.85 for the certification (inclusive of GST).

How long does it take for my film to get its rating?

Approximately 8 weeks.

What topic / subject matter should my film depict?

Anything that catches your fancy. It would probably be easier to discuss what your film should NOT depict. Nothing with a political agenda, nothing that promotes racism or discrimination of any sort, basically nothing that might disrupt the multi-cultural fabric of our society. Sinema reserves the right to not screen the film you submit if we feel it falls into any of the above.

Will my film be censored?

No, but your will have to be rated by MDA.

Will I get paid if my film is screened?

No. Sinema Showoff is a free program aimed at giving a screen to upcoming filmmakers who may not otherwise have a chance to screen their films.

Do I have to pay Sinema to screen my film?


What happens if my film gets selected?

You will be notified via email or phone.  The director (or producer should the director be unavailable) of the film will also have to be present at the Sinema Showoff! screening for a Q&A session afterwards.

What copyright matters do I have to be aware of in order for my film to be screened?

You need to own the copyrights to your film, so no use of copyrighted music or footage unless you have the appropriate releases.

How many screenings will my film get if it is selected?

One. If your film has an exceptionally good response, we may choose to bring it back again for an encore screening, but you will definitely be informed of that beforehand.

Must my film be shot in Singapore or my cast and crew be entirely Singaporeans in order to qualify?

You may be a Singaporean filmmaker with a film shot anywhere, or if you are a foreign filmmaker, your film should ideally feature local talents, or be shot in Singapore.

* If you have further questions that we didn’t answer in this FAQ, feel free to email them to sueanne[at]sinema[dot]sg.