CLASSROOM: 6 Filmmaking Tips from Robert Rodriguez

27 February 2019


CLASSROOM: 6 Filmmaking Tips from Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez, one of the most accomplished members of the 1990s indie film boom that also includes the likes of Steven Soderbergh and Quentin Tarantino, is also arguably the most iconic guerilla-style, outside-the-system filmmaker.

A proud Texan, even as Rodriguez has taken on large mainstream projects, most notably his latest film, Alita: Battle Angel, he has resisted moving to LA. He’s a strong supporter of digital and keeping a DIY attitude with work running the gamut from kid’s film (the Spy Kids series) to R-rated blood bath (From Dusk Til DawnOnce Upon a Time in Mexico). Some filmmakers wear many hats, but he quite regularly makes a go at wearing basically all of them.

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Image credit: Troublemaker Studios