BEHIND THE SCENES: More of ‘The Intruder’ and How It Was Filmed

31 January 2019


BEHIND THE SCENES: More of ‘The Intruder’ and How It Was Filmed

Members of the ensemble cast (Benjamin Kheng and Eugena Bey) share their thoughts on the entire process and experience of filming the gritty thriller Toggle series. They give behind-the-scenes insights into their characters, story and also being part of an international co-production, with a Thai production house.

If you liked The Intruder, snippets of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews have now been released upon the conclusion of the series. From cast experience to stunt training to production value, these short clips show what it was like to be on the set of The Intruder. Take a little peek at the production process of a thriller mini-series. Little reminder, though, that the videos contain spoilers. So before you delve behind the scenes, do make sure to watch The Intruder, out now on Toggle.

Click here for more behind-the-scenes videos.

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