NEWS: Nexus Hosts CiNE65 Movie Makers Awards 2019 with MINDEF and mm2 Entertainment

16 January 2019


NEWS: Nexus Hosts CiNE65 Movie Makers Awards 2019 with MINDEF and mm2 Entertainment

CiNE65 returns in 2019 as the largest national platform for film students and young filmmakers to produce short films that deepen our sense of belonging to Singapore. CiNE65 short films have been showcased in film festivals, screened in cinemas, streamed on social media and used as an education resource by schools and uniform groups. CiNE65 short films are now part of the records in the National Archives of Singapore, alongside other films that contribute to our cultural heritage and national identity.

For this year, the short film competition has been renamed the ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards and is jointly organised by Nexus, Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and leading media entertainment company mm2 Entertainment. The most prestigious prize is the Movie Makers Award where the winner will get to direct a feature film with mm2 Entertainment. In line with Singapore’s bicentennial in 2019, the theme for this competition is Singapura, with an open call to all filmmakers to express what “Singapura” means to them in a three-minute film. Filmmakers have until 18 March 2019, 12PM to submit their entries via their website.

On top of the competition, there is also a series of professional workshops and seminars to help them develop their film-making expertise. Registration is open to all, on a first-come-first-served basis. You can find out more about them here or scroll through our event listings for the list of upcoming workshops and seminars.

Visit their Facebook page to find out more about the ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards.

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