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Deity Microphones dives into the wireless market with a new 2.4 GHz system

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You might have heard the name Deity Microphones before due to its relationship with lighting sibling company Aputure. Deity makes a series of shotgun microphones like the V-Mic D3 Pro and V-Mic D3 that many YouTubers and vloggers look to because of its attractive price point. Deity Connect is its first wireless system.

Andrew Jones, a production sound mixer and former editor/current writer at Wav.report, stepped in as COO for Deity to expand the brand in the market. We met him at Cine Gear LA where he talked about how the company was developing a wireless system, and at the time, was looking for feedback from the sound community. In fact, Vincent Rozenberg, another Wav.report contributor (and sound mixer) posted on JW Sound, a forum created by production sound mixer Jeff Wexler (yes, the son of iconic cinematographer Haskell Wexler), asking forum members what they wanted in a kit. It led to some great responses.

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via: No Film School

Image Credit: Deity Microphones

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