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David Worth’s Tips to Have the Right Mindset as Indie Filmmakers

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“The expansion of independent film may be the only opportunity people get to see something that has a pair of balls.” Filmmaker and cinematographer David Worth delivered that quote in a must-read interview with Vice some years back, but today, it’s evident that his belief in the grit and ability of indies to lead the whole film industry to greater heights remains stronger than ever.

Mentorless was recently given the opportunity by Raindance’s groundbreaking Postgraduate program to sample an actual online class with one of their industry-veteran teachers. The mentor for the session attended was David Worth. Worth is best known for his work with Clint Eastwood (Bronco Billy, 1980) and Jean-Claude Van Damme (Bloodsport, 1988). But as a real Hollywood expert – he’s been working in the mainstream industry for over 35 years – he is living proof that what you bring to the filmmaking table should go beyond your strengths. There must also be a sense of pragmatism and knowing what to bring to the table when it’s needed.

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Image Credit: Raindance London

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