Working with resolutions above 4K: Interview with renowned cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC

20 July 2016


Working with resolutions above 4K: Interview with renowned cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC

The guys at RedShark News have been working with RED and G-Technology to look at the issues, opportunities and practical solutions around shooting in higher-than-4K resolutions. They asked cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC, what it’s like to work in higher-than 4K resolutions using RED cameras and G-Technology storage

Q: What are the main artistic reasons for working in higher-than 4K resolutions?

A: Flexibility in post production is a big factor if the project calls for it but the overall image quality is what has attracted me to the platform of shooting in greater than 4K on the RED Weapon. There is a quality to the image that comes alive at the higher resolution that gets captured in camera that plays well with the colour space that the 6K RED Dragon sensor offers. I think as we have begun to move quickly from shooting on film to digital, preserving an image that has a high resolution quality for theatrical release is extremely important. As we move further into bringing higher resolution quality to home viewing and with the release of 4K television, we want to be prepared for what the audience expects to see as the technology grows. It preserves our art for a long time and allows us to stay ahead of what is coming in the future.

Q: And what are the technical advantages of working in super-high resolutions?

A: The quality of these digital sensors provide much more than a technical advantage, but an artistic advantage as well. From a technical side, sure, we can “future proof” the quality by mastering in 4K UHD and releasing in 1080p today only to re-release our films in 4K UHD years later without having to scale the resolution where we lose quality over the image. I point out the artistic advantage because I’m able to light scenes with less light, using more natural sources if I need to, but at the same time, with the RED Weapon, I am able to light as if I am shooting film. There are very similar ratios to my lighting style and being able to bring that to life allows me to paint the picture in more ways than every before.

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via: RedShark News

Image Credit: RedShark News