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SINDie: Who is Cleopatra Wong? An interview with Marrie Lee

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Who is this female action figure that captured the world’s attention? Who is this who inspired, Quentin Tarantino no less, when he created Uma Thurman’s character in the Kill Bill series? An upcoming actress who made waves in the international movie scene? They call her Cleopatra Wong – was both her name and introduction film to the world.

Her nationality Singaporean. Her breakout year 1977!

Marrie Lee seemed to burst into the film scene from nowhere. She was featured in right-page ads in Variety, playing a sexy Interpol agent in a series of action films known as the Cleopatra Wong action films which generated a cult following. Cut to 39 years later and Marrie Lee is back again – almost out of nowhere again. This time to announce her feature directorial debut in the release of her first feature film “Certified Dead”

SINdie had to grab the chance to catch up with Marrie to find out more about the woman who was Singapore’s very own international action star.

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via: SINdie

Image Credit: Marrie Lee/ Cleopatra Wong

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