Through Green Lenses: A Semakau Mini-documentary/Film Making Contest 2012

The National Environment Agency and The Nature Society (Singapore), with the support of National Geographic Channel, have organized a mini-documentary/film making contest titled Through Green Lenses: A Semakau Mini-documentary/Film Making Contest 2012.

Through Green Lenses is a mini-documentary/ film making contest where you have the chance to capture and showcase the unique co-existence of waste management and rich biodiversity on Semakau. Semakau is a unique offshore landfill located south of the main island of Singapore, and also co-functions as a recreational destination for nature lovers. It boasts of scenic landscaping and vibrant biodiversity, making it the perfect stage for you to show your appreciation of nature and exhibit your documentary/ film making talents.

Here’s your chance to go to Semakau to film its interesting flora and fauna and win attractive prizes.

1st prize: Legria HF R 26 and cash worth $1500
2nd prize: Legria FS 46 and cash worth $1000
3rd prize: Legria FS 406 worth $500

Winners will also get to meet Zeb Hogan, National Geographic Explorer, host of highly rated documentary ‘Monster Fish’ and judge for Through Green Lenses.

For more information and to register, click HERE to go to their website!

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