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WAMM Screenings

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We Are Malaysian Made (WAMM) is a collective and a website that focuses and highlights Malaysian talent in film, theatre, music and events. Started by Michael Chen, WAMM aims to raise the awareness towards local talents as well as garner greater support from the public.

To those who fancy the creative arts, we bring you great news. In their efforts to continue pursuing their goal, WAMM is collaborating with The Actors’ Studio to bring you a weeklong event called FUSED. An event that will showcase talents from across Malaysia, as well as function as an avenue for new, up and coming artists to present what they’ve got to the public.

During the weeklong event, WAMM will take on one day to feature Film and Music. Called the WAMM Screenings #9, they will be featuring –

1. “Love & Luksaah”
An award winning film shot in New Zealand by Mei a Malaysian filmmaker who is based there. “Love & Luksaah” was nominated as one of the finalists for Best Short Films in the Asian 1st Films Festival 2009, in Singapore.

2. “Damaged Kung Fu”
By Juliane Block, a German filmmaker whose work revolves much around Malaysia. It’s debut screening,”Damaged Kung Fu” is an action comedy parody tribute short film to the days of Bruce Lee.


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