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Israeli Film Festival: Coming-of-Age

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The Israeli Film Festival (IFF), one of the longest running film festivals in Singapore, has come of age.

In its 19th edition, the IFF once again showcases Israel’s unique culture and flair for creativity through stunning cinematography and original storylines in 7 award-winning films of 7 different genres. It is evident the organisers had carefully selected the films based on issues such as family, youth and growing up that will resonate with residents and locals despite being a foreign film festival.

Audiences, especially younger ones, can definitely identity with the universal themes such as the coming-of-age storylines. From the lead character’s struggle to be a man at his upcoming bar mitzvah in the opening film The Flood to 16-year-old Shlomi taking care of his dysfunctional family in Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi, the films tackle issues relevant to a trying and familiar phase we have all been through – the pains and joys of growing up as a teenager.

Award-winning directors’ works featured in this year’s festival are namely The Flood, The Human Resources Manager, Ajami, Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi, The Matchmaker, Lost Islands and Walk On Water. Urbanwire checks out the must-watch in this year’s festival.


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