Film pulled after Muslim protests in Indonesia

2 September 2011


Film pulled after Muslim protests in Indonesia

In Indonesia millions of Muslims are celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

But a Muslim film maker is calling on other moderates to speak out, after his movie was dropped by one of the country’s biggest tv stations due to pressure from an extremist group.

The film “?” deals with religious tolerance and was supposed to be shown on SCTV channel on Monday night.

But it came under fire from the Islamic Defeders Front or FPI, who threatened to storm the station if it was aired.

The channel dropped the movie, prompting criticism from the director and rights advocates

MISTRY: The film ? is about the role of Islam in Indonesian society . It also deals with religious tolerance and violence, as the director Hanung Brahmantyo explains. He says ultimately, the film is aims to show the Islam he knows – one of acceptance and peace.


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