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10 Best Chinese Kung Fu Movies

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Kung fu is the primary form of martial art from China, and the 10 best Chinese kung fu movies demonstrate the form in a number of ways, from the humorous to the serious, violent to slapstick.

Stars like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Gordon Liu are famous the world over, but they began their work in some of the 10 best Chinese kung fu movies. Here are some favorites, both popular and obscure; the best Chinese kung fu movies for fans and neophytes.

1. “Fist of Fury.” Bruce Lee is the greatest martial arts film star of all time, though he only appeared in a few films. This was his first major role, and this story of a young man seeking vengeance for the death of his teacher is both simple and perfect. His acrobatics and speed were so much the camera could barely contain him in this first entry in the 10 best Chinese kung fu movies.

2. “Drunken Master II.” Jackie Chan starred in the original “Drunken Master” as Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung, who will make another appearance on this list of the best Chinese kung fu movies. Here, he co-stars and co-directs with Liu Chia-Liang, who actually studied martial arts with a student of the true Wong Fei Hung. This story has Wong able to fight best when drunk, and demonstrates the skills of both Chan and his elder, Liu, as they fight oppressive occupying forces.


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