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Thriller Spiller: Joko Anwar Drops Hints About His Upcoming Movies

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The Indonesian film industry is certainly not dead — especially not in the horror and thriller departments. Acclaimed director Joko Anwar is fixing up two spine-chilling big screen projects to be released next year.

“One of the projects ‘Modus Anomali’ is a thriller about a man who is trying to save his family from a mysterious killer on a joyfully planned vacation,” said Joko.

The award-winning director will set the movie in a forest — he’d like to film it in Italy, but will still hunt for a perfect local set — and will start the production this November.

“It’s going to be a very twisted storyline,” said Joko. “The movie will feature only three characters in a majority of the scenes, and there will be a very limited dialogue. It’s definitely going to be very mysterious.”

Joko will feature Indonesian actors, but wrote the script in English, aiming to introduce his movie to a wider international audience.


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Via The Jakarta Globe

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