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It’s easy to collect but.

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Marilyn Monroe dress sells for $4.6M.

That was a Hollywood headline last week.

Worn by the legendary actress during the filming of Seven-Year Itch, the iconic piece of clothing is referred to as the subway dress. It is just part of a collection started by Debbie Reynolds more than 40 years ago after perpetually waiting for studio auctions that get rid of old costumes.

Immediately, well-meaning friends began nagging me to start collecting items that belong to local celebrities. I could make a fortune one day, they chorused.

To their disappointment, I had to shoot down their suggestion: It’s easy to begin a collection. But maintaining it is another story.

This is a job for well-funded institutions, but perhaps not for a single person or even a group that has no resources. I’m citing the following reasons why it is impractical for an individual to have a local showbiz memorabilia in this country:


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