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Will we sink or swim to cinema’s next 90 years?

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At the industry observance of 92 years of Philippine movies, stars, officials and movie buffs made time for the musical historical celebration at the Cultural Center in the midst of pouring rain.

Mounted by Mowelfund with the FDCP (Film Development Council of the Philippines), the CCP, and TV5, Pinilakang Tabing was a tribute to the small workers in the industry who brought it to its pinnacle in the ’80s and are now sweeping the cellar for crumbs.

Former President Joseph Estrada started with his litany of exes — being ex-actor, ex-mayor, ex-President, ex-convict. He then began tracing the history of Philippine movies from Jose Nepomuceno, father of Filipino cinema with the landmark Dalagang Bukid, 1919, culled from the hit zarzuela by Hermogenes Ilagan starring Atang de la Rama and Marcelino Ilagan.

Nepo’s silent film version starred the same tandem with a live performance by Atang singing Nabasag ang Banga (Tex Ordonez & Justin Quirino onstage). Later Nepomuceno made the first Tagalog talkies Ang Punyal na Ginto (The Golden Dagger, 1933).


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