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Jackie Chan Raises $3.3 Million in Three Hours for Japan Relief

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Help for the people of Japan suffering the effects of earthquake, tsunami and radioactive fallout was only a phone call away. It helped that Jackie Chan was on one end of the call.

“When I picked up the phone and called my friends in the entertainment business in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore, right away, they all agreed to come over,” Chan said.

The Hong Kong-born action superstar called in favors from across Asia for his disaster relief fund-raising concert, Artiste 311 Love Beyond Borders, which raked in more than HK$26 million ($3.3 million) — and counting — in donations in just three hours.

“My goal is to have a $0 in my bank account the day I die,” the 56-year-old Chan said with a shrug. “I get very happy when I think about that, no more worries. I buy the things I like, I give money to charity, and then I try to make more money. I’ll be frank with you: It’s not difficult for me to make money. If it’s easy, why shouldn’t I give it away?”

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via The Hollywood Reporter

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