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Warner Bros.’ DVD release of ‘Hereafter’ will benefit Japan relief effort

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A day after Warner Bros. pulled “Hereafter” — and its scenes of tsunami disaster — from theaters in Japan, the studio announced that the film’s March 15 release on DVD and Blu-ray would raise funds for relief efforts in the island nation.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group did not specify what percentage of the home-video proceeds would go to the Japanese Red Cross Society, but people familiar with the matter said the donation would be in the $1-million range.

“Hereafter,” directed by Clint Eastwood, is a film primarily about death, grief and the afterlife, but it opens with an intense sequence showing a tsunami ravaging a coastal city and leaving its streets filled with corpses and wreckage.

Upon pulling the film, Warner Bros. official Satoru Otani told the BBC that its scenes of calamity were “not appropriate” at this time. The movie opened in Japan in February and had been scheduled to finish its theatrical run at the end of this month.

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via Los Angeles Times

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