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My Jakarta: Syamsul, Filmmaker

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Struggling is simply in the job description — struggling to raise the money to produce a good movie, struggling to get the right shot, struggling to stay true to the story.

Dreams of making it big as a filmmaker brought Syamsul to Jakarta all the way from Papua.

He now works primarily as  the director of photography on films and was involved in  Andi Bachtiar’s modern Indonesian classics  ‘The Conductors’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet.’

How did you get involved in making documentary films?

I’ve always wanted to be behind the camera, that’s why I enrolled at the Jakarta Institute of the Arts [IKJ]. I gained some experience as a cameraman for TV soap operas before I finally decided to become a director of photography for documentaries. DOP is a tough job. It’s a much bigger responsibility than just being a cameraman.

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via The Jakarta Globe

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