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Indonesia Sends Out Mixed Signals in Film Ban Debate

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The government has given conflicting messages about the ongoing controversy over curbing foreign-movie imports, with the customs office saying a ban may be enforced and the culture minister ruling out such a move.

Thomas Sugijata, director general of customs, said on Monday that in less than two weeks, three importers that had failed to pay royalties over the past two years could be barred from bringing in films.

“We sent them a letter on January 12 regarding this issue, and they have to respond by March 12,” he said. “If they fail to pay or to file an objection with the tax court by that time, we will have to revoke their import licenses.”

Thomas said the three importers owed Rp 31 billion ($3.5 million) in unpaid royalties and could face similarly steep fines for their failure to pay.

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via The Jakarta Globe

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